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Thankful Thor’s Day – it’s Hammer Time! April 11, 2014

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Thursday’s installment of Theme of the Day is Thankful Thursday, and of course, Thursday is named after the Norse god Thor (whose name means “thunder”).   Also, I would like to say up front that I’ve not seen any recent movie with any Thors in them.  Yeah, my nerd cred probably just dropped into negative numbers there, but that’s what it is.  Probably I’ll see them if and when my spawn wants to.

Thor had a hammer.  Boy did he have a hammer!

And hammers are cool.  A tool!  And a weapon!  Whapping crap into shape, oh yeah!


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So this went a bit stream-of-consciousness…  so I guess I’m thankful for hammer metaphors and Norse gods today!

Maybe I need more sleep…

Definitely I need more sleep…


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