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Goodnight, sweet kitty. August 27, 2014

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Sad news.  One of my kitties, Assurnasirpal, passed away yesterday.  He was only about 14, but he’d been sickly all his life.  He was found abandoned at one of my professor’s properties, and he and his litter-mates were pretty ill.  He almost didn’t survive kittenhood, but with the  help of antibiotics and a nebulizer tent we put together, he pulled through, but retained constant upper respiratory problems – he was always sniffling and sneezing and sometimes wheezing.  I eventually had to bring him across the country for my mom and brother to take care of him, as I was with my then-girlfriend and couldn’t take on another cat.  He had a great couple of years at mom’s house, until he suddenly took a turn for the worse.  He passed away peacefully.


Assurnasirpal, 2000-2014

You will be missed, you strange, sweet kitty!


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