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“Friday, I’m in love…” April 12, 2014

Friday!  Beautiful Friday!  So continuing with this week’s Theme of the Day theme, Friday will showcase something that I really love and appreciate, something that, in the immortal words of Buffy’s Xander, “gives me a happy”.

Today it’s my celebrity crush, Peter Capaldi, who is the new Doctor Who!

I actually almost never crush out on a celebrity, so don’t worry, featuring a celebrity here will be an extremely rare thing.

What’s special about Peter Capaldi, aside from his amazing eyebrows, is that he seems to be a genuinely decent chap.  I linked to one example illustrating this on zisforzener (the sweet “little dalek” story), and there are plenty of others floating about in the interweb ocean.  And it will be his birthday on Monday!


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