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Moon-day April 7, 2014

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Personal blog challenge:  create a theme for every day of the week, just for fun! 

Today is Monday, and today’s theme shall be The Moon!

Which is, of course, completely UN-original, as the Monday means “moon day”: “Old English mondæg, monandæg “Monday,” literally “day of the moon,” from mona (genitive monan; see moon (n.)) + dæg (see day)”  (thank you, Online Etymology Dictionary!)

But moons are cool, be they The Moon or any of the 173 in our solar system (discovered to date). 

We’ll start simple, so here’s The Moon:


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Also, fascinating things will be occurring with the moon this month – Full Lunar Eclipse, viewable in North America, April 14-15!

For more on the eclipse, go here: